One thought ahead. Three sentences behind.


It has been said there is no better restaurant in Minneapolis than Bar La Grassa.  Maybe that is why it’s difficult to get a reservation and absolutely impossible the same day.

I guess, Bob Harper (show name: Bob the Trainer on NBC’s The Biggest Loser) was upset that his celebrity status was unable to squeeze his spur-of-the-moment party of five into the already booked restaurant.  He sent his grievance through his Twitter account by tweeting, “OMG!  The manager at Bar lagrasa (sic) in Minneapolis (correct) was SO RUDE to me.  I wanted to have dinner there.  Why are people so mean sometimes?”

What gets me is not celebrities acting like disgruntled royalty, but Harper’s tweet sounding less like a fitness instructor and more like a moody teenager.  Whatever happened to “Grin and bear it”  and “No pain, no long term injury?”  If I logged into his Twitter page would I find:

“Doing pushups while tweeting.  That’s right!  One handed pushups!  Impressive!  Still bored.  Wish someone would call.”

“Went running.  Hate it.  All that sweat.  GROSS!!!  Then there is the hair.  Don’t want to talk about it.”

“Why are free weights so hard?  Why can’t they be more like Nautilus?  I find them so user unfriendly!”

“Why is the sun already up?  Doesn’t it know I’m trying to sleep?  Sometimes I think it is so into itself it doesn’t care about others.  We need a more sympathetic energy source.”

“I’m waiting for a red light… AGAIN!  When will it turn green?  Great, turning arrow.  City engineers are so stupid.  Oh, now someone is honking at me.  People are so rude to those who are tweeting.”


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