One thought ahead. Three sentences behind.


No, you pull over!

Researchers at Umea University in Sweden released a study that found couples in which one partner commutes longer than 45 minutes are 45% more likely to divorce.  The researchers did not state the reason for the higher rate of divorce, although one plausible explanation might be the person at home thought the commute was 60 minutes instead of 45 and didn’t get the commuter’s best friend out of the house in time.

We can all agree commuting is not good for anybody.  Those who spend extended periods in the car suffer from a disproportionate amount of pain, stress and obesity.  They also can be exposed to the hazards of talk radio.  In fact, commuting is so loathed Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman and Princeton economist, Alan Krueger, surveyed 900 Texan women and found out that only 75% of the woman realized they were living in the Lone Star State.  Also, when asked what activities the women enjoyed, the morning commute was ranked at the bottom of the list.

Did we really need Nobel Laureate and a Princeton Professor to tell us that women enjoy making love more than being stuck in gridlock?  That’s like discovering most people would rather take a high-five than a kick to the shin.

Here’s another interesting survey.  When asked 71% of people believed polls are 100% malleable.   Fifteen percent did not understand the question.  Nine percent thought the question leading.  And five percent asked me to not call anymore.


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