One thought ahead. Three sentences behind.


Lately, I can’t walk a city block without running into an inflated, multi-colored castle on some homeowner’s front yard. But why? Is the castle some inexpensive addition to house visiting in-laws? From what I have seen most are being used to fulfill a child’s birthday party dream.

Who wouldn’t want a kiddy castle at a birthday party? It’s basically a hot tub for kids. No one can resist climbing in and jumping around.  I usually refrain. I found most parents get nervous when they see a forty year-old stranger patiently waiting in line and asking if they already served cake.

The kiddy castle seems like such a big hit I wonder if the manufacturers ever thought of adding to it. For example, there could be a kiddy moat to help keep out unwanted guests who happen to wander by. Also, there could be a kiddy catapult, where unruly partygoers can be launched into the neighbor’s swimming pool. Finally, there could be kiddy dungeon to welcome the unruly partygoers back.


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