One thought ahead. Three sentences behind.


It was 100 degrees the other day so I thought it appropriate to find some beer.  And as I was standing in the checkout line at the liquor store, I noticed the cashier handing out the type of suckers you normally see at the dentist, bank or car dealership.  I thought it a nice touch to reward the kids who waited patiently in the Chilean wines for their parents to make up their mind.  But as I stood for a while longer, I had a thought.

QUESTION:  If liquor stores hand out suckers to kids, do candy stores reciprocate?  Does the cashier at the candy counter slip one of those airline bottles of Jack Daniels to a patient parent?  If so, I imagine more parents wouldn’t worry as much about their children’s sugar intake.  But then again, most adults needing a drink have no problem going right to the source.

CASE IN POINT:  As I stepped back into the blinding sun, I saw a guy biking past me with a Burley in tow.  And in the Burley was enough box wine to open an art exhibit.  I’m sure the dad had to sneak out of the house.  And if he got caught by his trailing kids, he must have thought, “Man, this is so much easier to pedal when they aren’t in the Burley.”



  1. mr chad

    when dora and riley equate the liquor store with a visit to “the sucker store” it’s had to say no. but i have to wonder who the sucker is?


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