One thought ahead. Three sentences behind.


In the list of noble enterprises, I put carpenters at the top.  Not very many people can take a pile of lumber and build a house without losing a finger.  Carpenters are beyond cool.  They are almost mythical in their accomplishments.  I mean, who brings more value to our culture:  A carpenter who is able to craft a wooden canoe during his free time or an equity funds manager who is able to lose 40% of your principal within a week?  Carpenters will win that race every time and make it look easy.  In fact, my friend, Chris, can build a Japanese gazebo with the nonchalant ease I would carry when making a peanut butter sandwich.

QUESTION:  Who is the coolest person in the bible?  Noah!  Why?  He was a carpenter.  Who else had the wherewithal to build an ark the size of an aircraft carrier?  I think anybody who can build anything without using IKEA deserves special recognition.  In fact, it’s a travesty that master carpenter Norm Abrams from This Old House and Yankee Doodle Workshop has yet to win a Nobel Prize.  Why isn’t there a category for carpentry?  Do we really need physics?

INTERESTING FACT: Did you know that the coolest action hero of all time, Harrison Ford, started off as a carpenter?  Did you know that Norm Abrams is a direct descendent of Noah?  Wouldn’t that be cool if that was true?


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