One thought ahead. Three sentences behind.


My friend Ron came into town and we somehow ended up at a local casino.  Since I ran out of money and Ron had not, I decided to read the monthly newsletter with its big winners, stating who they were, where they were from, what they were playing and how much they won.  Then there was the pesky context.

CASSIE from Prior Lake won $3,422.00 playing Cash Express.  She said the money will go a long way to getting her flat screen TV back from the pawn shop.

STEVE from Osceola was the big winner at Top Dollar, securing a $5,462.00 payout after investing $7,432.00 into the machine.

TONY from Rock Cliff won $1,200.00 playing Rockin’ Olives.  He’s hoping the extra cash will cover his party’s bar bill.

PAT from Minot won a whopping $20,000.00 playing Kings are Crazy.  Her response was, “After thirteen years playing video poker, I finally got a royal flush.”

VICTOR from Victoria parlayed a hot hand at the blackjack table and walked away with $9,500.00.  He said he couldn’t be happier and he’s hoping his new luck will be enough to convince his girlfriend to let him move back in.

CHARLOTTE from St. Pete’s won an astounding $72,033.00 playing 5XPay.  She could not contain her elation at finally winning the progressive and vowed never to step into the casino for at least two weeks.

And BILL from the poker room was the big winner on the bad beat, claiming a payout of $100,456.00.  His only comment was a question.  “Can we keep this out of the newsletter?  I owe a lot of money.”


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