One thought ahead. Three sentences behind.


I’m reading Paul Bloom’s How Pleasure Works to see what I’m doing wrong. After digesting the first two chapters, I’m finding pleasure isn’t as simple as reading this book. In fact, pleasure is as much perception as it is experience. To prove this scientist have performed blind experiments where subjects were unable to tell the difference between red from white wine, dog food from liver pate or which is funnier: The Family Guy or a car accident.

Also, I’m not sure why Bloom has a whole chapter devoted to cannibalism. Do I really need to know there are people who think babies are a “…delectable source of proteins and lipids.”

Plus, do I need to know there are two types of cannibals?

ENDOCANNIBALS: People who politely wait for others to naturally die before they fire up the hibachi.

EXOCANNIBALS: People whole find young and healthy people on Facebook and invite them over for dinner.

Finally, do I need to know that humans taste a lot like pork and the closest food related product is Spam? Somehow, I don’t see this working into an advertising campaign.


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