One thought ahead. Three sentences behind.


What’s with The Body? Once he was an effective governor here in Minnesota, handing out tax refunds and making the art of politicking look cool. Now Jesse Ventura seems more like an angry old man with a gripe. His latest rant came the other day after he lost a legal challenge in St. Paul Federal Court to airport pat downs.

The reason Ventura wants an end to invasive airport screenings is personal. He has a titanium implant in his left hip that lights up an airport magnetometer like Christmas in Vegas. For him, he is tired of the second screening and being searched like he’s trying to get into a Motley Crue concert.

“I will not, in a free country, be treated like a criminal,” Ventura said to a group of reporters who had gathered in front of the 128 Café food truck parked next to the federal courthouse.

After the reporter’s ordered their lunches, Ventura went on to rail against the overreach of the federal government, which he called, “The Fascist States of America.”

I find his concern valid. At what point do we as a society sacrifice personal freedom for national safety? I, for one, do not know where the balance lies. I found it confusing when Ventura said he was so livid with the court’s action, he threatened to apply for Mexican citizenship.

This is where The Body loses me. Ventura protesting the infringements of his personal freedom by moving to Mexico is like me protesting the harshness of a Minnesota winter by moving to Calgary. Doesn’t Ventura know there is an active drug war consuming our neighbor to the south, and in some cities the army has taken over policing the streets?

Who infringes more on personal freedom: A TSA Agent named Patty who waves a magnetic wand or a Mexican Army Soldier named Jorge who brandishes an assault rifle? If Ventura really wants to insure his personal freedom, he should think about moving further north. Canada may provide better protection, but then again, not from the cold.


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