One thought ahead. Two sentences behind.



From here decisions get tough.  Up to this point everything was smooth and free flowing.   It was fun demoting and giving away states.  It was easy to consolistate.  But now the low hanging fruit is gone and we are left with eleven states that are ripe for pairing, but I cannot find the right name.  My first dilemma is the state I live in and its neighbor.

Minnesota + Wisconsin

I think the above two states would make a great pair.  Both have prospering metropolitan cities: Twin Cities and Milwaukee.  Both have great college towns:  Madison and Mankato.  And finally, both take great pride in their natural resources: Minnesota’s ten thousand lakes and Wisconsin’s Green Bay Packers.  If only we could capture this synergy with a suitable name.  I only see two and I find them lacking.

Winnesota:  The name gives the appearance there are winning sports teams in Minnesota.

Misconsin:  Is that a mistake in your name?

Then there is another great pairing that is also in the Midwest.

 Illinois + Indiana

Look at a map.  These two states were made for each other.  They are the only two states that look like they may be related with Illinois acting the role of the older brother who works as a union boss with questionable ties to the mob and Indiana as the wide-eyed younger brother who goes on to become a senator with presidential ambitions.

The problem is the name.  There isn’t a combination that works.  After much reflection over a ten minute lunch, I came up with an option.  If the two states can convince a major company to relocate from Silicon Valley to Terra Haute, there is only one name – i-state.

If you think the above is a stretch, it only gets worse when you combine:

The Virginias + The Carolinas

Although bold, I think it’s a correct move to combine all these Atlantic states.  They share the Appalachian Mountains and are predominantly rural.  They may also give O’Jersylvania a run as a key presidential consolistate.  I just don’t like the name in any combination.

Virolina: Did I just create a new disease?  Would the CDC need to relocate to Charlotte?

Carginia:  Would this name cause a spike in cancer rates or would it be the tobacco?

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