One thought ahead. Three sentences behind.

A Polar Bear En Route to Dollywood…

A polar bear en route to Dollywood decided to wet his whistle when the tour bus pulled into a small Appalachian town.  He swung open the doors to a dusty saloon and ambled inside.

“I’ll take a Dewar’s Seven,” He told the bartender.

The bartender did not look up from his I-Pad.

“Dewar’s Seven, partner,” the polar bear repeated.

“I ain’t your partner,” The bartender replied.

“I can accept that,” The polar bear responded, “As long as you satisfy my thirst.”

Irritated, the bartender bookmarked his page.  “You don’t get it, do you?”

“Get what?”

“We don’t serve your kind.”

“You mean northerners?”

Photo by Hal Brindley


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