One thought ahead. Three sentences behind.


I watched a Blue Ray the other day, but before the credits rolled, a warning:

The copyright proprietor has licensed the optical disc (including its soundtrack) for private home use only.  All other rights are reserved.

It further went on to say:

The definition of home use excludes the use of this optical disc at locations such as clubs, coaches, hospitals, hotels, oil rigs, prisons and schools.

Three things:

First, if you are at a club and the only thing you are doing is watching a movie, you are in the wrong club.

Second, do you think people in prison care if they are breaking the law?

Third, How did oil rigs end up on this list?  How can this warning even be enforced?  Some oil rigs are on platforms in the middle of the ocean staffed with people who either got out of prison or are on their way.  I’d hate to be the person to fly into the Gulf of Mexico to  tell a group of roustabouts or wildcatters that their double feature of Steel Magnolias and Sense and Sensibility has been cancelled because some nitwit in Hollywood put oil rigs on a list.


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