One thought ahead. Two sentences behind.

Seven Deadly Phrases – Minnesota State Fair Addition

1. “There is a place on machinery hill near the whirlpool and spas, where, Dear Lord, you can save fifty cents on a pork chops and brats.” (Pamphlet handed out at the front gate.)

2.  “It’s not practical.  It’s fashionable.”  (Walking through the International Bazaar.)

3. “Am I eating gator or ostrich?”  (It was camel.)

4. “Wow this Stratosphere ride is really long.”  (It was broken.)

5. “Did you say wine or swine flu?” (Most definitely both.)

6. “I’m walking.  Do I need to have an idea?”  (Any response on where to go next.)

7. “Yes, Officer, we did leave our baby at home, and no, you may not look in the diaper bag.” (At the Motley Crue-Kiss concert.)

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